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What’s new in InfraWorks 2024?

The updates to InfraWorks will bring improvements that help infrastructure design teams manage design and project complexity more seamlessly and effectively.  

New features and enhancements:

The Elevation Measurement Tool brings a new Point Elevation option to the Measure menu that enables you to hover over vertices on the clipping plane and see visual cues. 

These indicate which vertex elevation is being displayed in the dynamic dimension marker, along with a leader line. It simplifies the extraction of elevation information within the design process, reducing overall design time.

Improved features and enhancements:

Streamlined workflows mean you can:

  • Import Revit families as parametric content that now includes 2D extruded components, as well as 3D girders. 
  • Easily bring Revit family components into InfraWorks, update them, and publish them back to Revit as a family for a streamlined workflow. This extends the current Revit family-based components so you can improve design quality.
  • Refine Revit category mapping for Inventor components directly in InfraWorks.


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