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Top 10 Surprising Statistics About Sustainability

10 Eye-Opening Statistics About Sustainable Construction

Top 10 Surprising Statistics About Sustainability

When it comes to sustainability in Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC), building a more sustainable and resilient economy through greater levels of digitalisation is paramount.

Check out the top 10 surprising statistics, compiled from extensive research across Europe.

  1. 82% of AEC companies have a dedicated sustainability team in place
  2. The average AEC firm plans to spend over $6 million on improving their sustainability efforts in the next five years
  3. 74% of AEC firms are investing in technology to improve sustainability
  4. 52% of construction firms report using technology to collaborate with their supply chain and partners on sustainability
  5. 3 in 4 construction firms report sustainability initiatives led to better use of resources
  6. 87% of construction firms report customer retention is a driving force for their sustainability focus
  7. 2 in 3 construction companies report their employees are an important influencer behind their sustainability policies
  8. 80% of construction firms point to a lack of financial resources as a key challenge to overcome on the path to sustainability
  9. 54% of construction firms report they see lean construction as a promising area for increasing sustainability in the next two years
  10. 43% of construction firms see circular construction as an area with significant opportunity to increase sustainability

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