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Tech Tip: Civil 3D Profile Views


Profile View Data Bands

Many customers grapple with how to set up and control the labels in the Data Bands of a Profile View, not realising that the profile set as Profile1 controls it all.

How to set the frequency of labels in a Profile View Data Band

A long section in Civil 3D is known as a Profile View and the data below the long section is referred to as Data Bands.  There are a variety of Band Types that can be added to a Profile View, but the most common is Profile Data.

The frequency of the geometry based labels within a Data Band derived from a profile, is based on the geometry points of the profile specified as Profile1Profile2 is only used for a source of data, not the frequency of labelling.

Screenshot highlighting Profile1 and Geometry Point Settings in the Bands tab of the Profile View Properties

The Vertical Geometry Point Data Band Labels are inserted at the vertical geometry points of Profile1 and the Horizontal Geometry Point Data Band Labels are inserted at geometry of the alignment used to create Profile1.

The specific combination of profile and alignment geometry points to be used can be edited in the Geometry Points to Label in Band form (click  > Geometry Point column > Data Band tab > Profile View Properties).

Want to learn more?

Check out our recent webinar ‘Civil 3D: Profiles & Profile Views 102‘ (the link will jump you into the video at the relevant time).

Screenshot highlighting the Horizontal and Vertical Geometry Point Labels of a Data Band Style
Screenshot highlighting the Alignment and Profile Geometry Points that can be labelled in a Band