Software Licensing and Installation Services

For small and medium sized businesses installation, maintenance and upgrade of licensing services for Autodesk, Civil Survey Solutions and other products can normally be managed in-house by technically savvy staff or an IT professional. For some businesses, and particularly for medium to large businesses, it may be more advantageous to engage the services of Civil Survey Solutions to deliver premium installation services to ensure a fast, smooth and hassle free installation of your engineering software. We are experts in installation of Autodesk and Civil Survey Solutions software.

About Civil Survey Solutions Software Licensing

Civil Survey Solutions software uses the Infralution License System to manage licensing of the software. Standalone, network and rental licensing uses the same system of licensing. In the case of standalone and rental, insertion of the license (activation) key is all that is required – when the software is first run the installation form will display. For network installations, the licensing system must first be installed on a server and the license activated. Following that, the software is installed on the client workstations and at the time of license activation a Floating License is selected and the machine is directed to the server for licensing.

This is all covered in the Civil Survey Solutions Installation and Licensing Guide.

About Autodesk Software Licensing

If you own Autodesk software, licensing is managed in one of three ways:

  • Maintenance Subscription (formerly Autodesk Subscription)
    • Standalone: for standalone installations, it is usual to install the software on the workstation and, at the time of first run of the software, to select a standalone installation and apply your license number. This is available via your Autodesk Account 
    • Network: for network installations, there is firstly an installation of the FlexLM licensing system required on the server, as well as addition of an Autodesk service and inclusion of a license file. Following successful installation on the server, a deployment is normally created on the server and then this is used for installation on the workstations. Each workstation then looks at the server for access to licenses.
  • Dektop Subscription (formerly Rental Plans). These are pay-as-you go with a choice of quarterly and annual access to a variety of Autodesk software products
    • These are standalone installations. License activation occurs as via your Autodesk Account.

Installation information is available at the time of installation. Additionally, the following weblink provides useful documentation for installing and licensing Autodesk software: 

Getting Help – License Installation

Licensing support is available to all Civil Survey Solutions subscription customers. Support services typically include: assisting with obtaining license (.lic) files, troubleshooting installation problems, helping if you get stuck during installation and providing installation guides and information. We are able to completely manage your installation and setup from start to finish on a fee-for-service basis.

The best way to obtain licensing support is to lodge a technical support request and provide information about your installation issues.