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Project Spotlight: PRIXCAR – Optima Consulting Engineers

We would like to take this opportunity to share a success story from our partner, Optima Consulting Engineers. This engineering consultancy based in Sydney recently undertook a complex design project. Through their collaboration with Civil Survey Solutions and their innovative use of Autodesk Civil 3D and AutoCAD, Optima overcame multiple challenges and delivered an excellent result for their client.

The project in question involved the design of a car storage and vehicle processing facility for a staggering 20,000 vehicles in Southern Sydney. However, this undertaking was not without its hurdles. The site spanned a vast 60 hectares and was situated in a flood-prone area, requiring the grading to withstand a 100-year flood event while ensuring zero impact on neighboring properties. Additionally, Optima had to design numerous building structures and bridges. 

To meet these demanding requirements and deadlines, Optima turned to Autodesk and Civil Survey Solutions. Their goals were threefold:

1) generate intuitive and rapid models within tight time constraints

2) minimize rework by seamlessly integrating multiple systems and software

3) enhance their expertise in civil and drainage design through the guidance of the Civil Survey Solutions technical team.

In collaboration with Civil Survey Solutions, Optima adopted a solution built on Autodesk Civil 3D and AutoCAD, enabling them to tackle the project head-on. Extensive re-grading work was required, and Civil 3D proved to be the perfect tool for the job. Optima’s engineers modeled an optimal solution, utilizing 24,000 cubic meters of cut and 1,070,000 cubic meters of fill. Furthermore, they designed an innovative open drainage channel around the facility’s perimeters, complete with three on-site detention ponds capable of storing 76,000 liters of water. In total, the land was raised by up to 3 meters to safeguard the site against 100-year floods.

With the support of our technical team at Civil Survey Solutions, Optima utilised the power of Autodesk Civil 3D to accurately model the grading and drainage requirements of the site. Thanks to the intuitive nature of the software and the accelerated timeframe, the project was delivered right on schedule. Post-construction, it was analysed that the earthwork estimates modeled using Civil 3D were highly accurate. 

Not only did Optima achieve a great result on this project, but their team also gained skills and knowledge in utilising the Autodesk software collection, thanks to the support and guidance of our technical team. Armed with this expertise, Optima has been able to expand their business and take on even more ambitious projects with confidence in their skills and software.