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Watercom Pty Ltd is a Consulting Engineering and software development company based in Sydney, Australia specialising in water supply and distribution and drainage. DRAINS is a Stormwater Drainage System design and analysis program ideal for Australian stormwater drainage designers wanting to design and analyse drainage networks incorporating underground pipe/pit systems, overland flows and detention basins.

Watercom DRAINS is a significant inclusion for stormwater drainage designers needing to analyse drainage systems incorporating overland flows and detention basins using 2D hydrographs. It provides a much enhanced successor to the ILSAX program which has been widely used for urban stormwater system design and analysis in Australia and New Zealand.

DRAINS provides a Windows graphical interface. Users can draw drainage system components such as sub-catchments, pits, pipes and overflow routes. Right clicking on a component will display a pop-up menu from which you can choose to enter data or view results in various formats. Design rainfall patterns can be entered separately. Results such as runoff hydrographs are displayed graphically and can be pasted into other Windows programs such as spread sheets and word processors. The DRAINS program will perform hydraulic grade line analyses, design stormwater drainage systems and produce summary graphs and tables, and simple pipe long section drawings.


With Civil Site Design you have a complete data exchange between Watercom DRAINS and your CAD application. Civil Site Design allows you to quickly and easily set up your underground pipe and pit network (including catchments and overland flow routes) directly inside your drawing and import all the pit and pipe network data directly to DRAINS.

After undertaking your detailed design and analysis inside DRAINS you can also import the updated pipes and pits back to your CAD application for plotting and publishing. With Civil Site Design you can generate long section plots of the DRAINS design inside the drawing, to Australian drafting standards.