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OzWater 2023 Recap

Ozwater is a premier event for the water industry in Australia and beyond, bringing together experts to discuss the latest trends, technologies, and strategies for managing water resources sustainably. 

Civil Survey Solutions exhibited at the event, alongside our partners at Autodesk. Showcasing the Innovyze portfolio, we demonstrated the state-of-the-art technology which is providing the industry with the most efficient way to design and manage their water projects.

Ben Hipsley and Jonathan Taylor were on hand to talk all things water with a diverse range of professionals, including water utility managers, engineers, scientists, policymakers, consultants, and other technology providers.

Ozwater includes keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and exhibits focusing on various aspects of the water cycle. These can include topics such as water treatment, distribution, wastewater management, and water reuse. The conference also explores emerging issues related to water, such as climate change, water security, urbanization, and digitalization.

One of the key objectives of Ozwater is to promote sustainable water management practices. The conference provides a platform for professionals in the water industry to learn about innovative technologies and strategies for managing water resources sustainably. It also provides an opportunity for professionals to connect and share their experiences and insights.

The Civil Survey Solutions team is here to help you with your water design and management strategies. We will also regularly be attending, and exhibiting at, industry events, so keep a close eye on this newsletter so you know where to find us in the future.