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InfoDrainage or InfoWorks ICM? What’s best for me?

“Which should we choose, InfoDrainage or InfoWorks ICM?” is a common question at Civil Survey Solutions. So which solution is best for you and your organisation?

InfoDrainage and InfoWorks ICM are both Innovyze software solutions for the water management sector. Innovyze was recently acquired by Autodesk after 35 years of building innovative software for the water industry. More than 3,000 customers worldwide trust Innovyze and Autodesk. Innovyze customers include utility companies, government agencies, and leading environmental and engineering consultancies.

InfoDrainage is ideal for use by designers, developers, landscape architects and drainage engineers. InfoDrainage assists the user in creating detailed designs of both traditional and sustainable stormwater systems. It features customisable reports for local regulatory compliance. The benefits of utilising InfoDrainage within your project include the incorporation of green infrastructure into your drainage design. It also reduces the complexity and integrates with CAD, BIM & GIS. Designs can be exchanged directly with Civil 3D to provide a more robust drainage design solution for road and site development designs.

Hydraulic modellers, engineers, planners and consultants typically use InfoWorks ICM. They can model complex hydraulic and hydrologic network elements, delivering more in-depth analysis, modelling and simulations. It produces elements quickly, accurately and collaboratively for both stormwater and wastewater. The system is utilised by water and wastewater professionals to assist them in planning for capacity improvements, system expansions and emergency scenarios.

Both of these solutions provide the user with the ability to make informed, compliant, efficient and cost-effective decisions in addition to providing direct ARR 2019 input data, so your analysis conforms to regulatory Australian Standards and guidelines.  InfoDrainage focuses on stormwater design and analysis, whilst Infoworks ICM provides design, planning and analysis for both stormwater and wastewater systems. Otherwise, the choice comes down to evaluating factors such as functionality, scale and complexity of projects, collaboration requirements and asset management obligations.

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