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Important Information For Innovyze Users

Do you or your team currently use products such as XPStorm, XPRafts, InfoWorks or any other Innovyze Product? If so, please ensure that you read the following information and complete the form to allow us to support your and your team through the upcoming transition.

What has changed?

Innovyze, a market-leading software company who produces solutions in the stormwater, drainage, flooding, water distribution and asset management sector was recently acquired by Autodesk. This opportunity provides Autodesk users with far greater software and technology capability in the water engineering sector.

As part of this acquisition, the following are just some of the important changes that are occurring on the way you manage your existing Innovyze licenses:

  • The InfoCare maintenance program is being phased out.
  • Innovyze licenses are being transitioned into subscriptions, on the same model as the rest of your Autodesk portfolio.
  • The Innovyze portfolio is being rationalised (no more node/element restrictions).

This program is referred to as the InfoCare to Subscription (I2S) program. There is more information on this program here.

What do you need to do?

This depends on the type of Innovyze licenses you currently own. Civil Survey Solutions are an authorized Autodesk/Innovyze sales and technical partner. Our team are ready to make this transition as easy as possible for you, to ensure this program provides your company with updated software and cost savings.

If you or your company uses any Innovyze product, please take a few seconds to complete the survey below, so that we can start helping you through this transition.