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Did you know Ben is also an Engineer?

Ben Hipsley’s journey through the realm of engineering is that of adaptability and in field experience. With his roots solidly in structural engineering, Ben’s progression from hands-on design to mastering Autodesk tools offers a fascinating insight into the evolving landscape of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) sectors.

Starting his career with consultancy through the likes of Opus International Consultants, SMEC, and WSP, Ben found his way with bridge design and rehabilitation. If you’ve encountered projects such as the Pacific Highway Upgrade in NSW or the Level Crossing Removals in Victoria, then you’ve indirectly seen some of Ben’s handiwork. His tenure in these roles not only deepened his structural engineering expertise but also provided him with a firsthand understanding of the needs and challenges faced by the AEC industries.

His shift to Autodesk Business Manager at Civil Survey Solutions might appear as a change of tack, but it’s more a logical next step. With his engineering background, Ben doesn’t merely regard Autodesk as another set of tools; but rather an intricial part of workflow within a team or project. 

For those in the AEC sectors who’ve engaged with Civil Survey Solutions, it’s likely you’ve tapped into Ben’s dual expertise. His guidance isn’t just about navigating software; it’s centred on how Autodesk solutions can provide you with a solution. 

In essence, Ben Hipsley encapsulates a mix of traditional engineering nous combined with a sharp understanding of today’s digital tools, making him an ideal point of reference for anyone keen to bridge the past, present, and future of AEC sectors.

Ben Hipsley

Autodesk Business Manager

P: 1300 254 004        M: 0418 263 611