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Autodesk’s New Buying Experience

In case you missed it, Autodesk has recently announced that they are transitioning to a “New Buying Experience”. An email has recently been distributed, and further communications can be expected over the coming weeks.

Please read on for further information on what this means to your business. If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us directly at sales@civilsurveysolutions.com.au

What does this mean to me?If you are an end user of Autodesk software – absolutely nothing!

If you manage the licensing and procurement of Autodesk software for your business, there will be some changes.

For new subscriptions, as well as renewals, from November 13, 2023, onwards, Civil Survey Solutions will remain your partner to manage your subscriptions on behalf of Autodesk. However, rather than you transacting with us, you will transact directly with Autodesk.

Do I need to do anything now?That depends…..

If your organisation requires suppliers to be registered in any of your systems, then you will need to add Autodesk to that system. A link below will provide further details you might require to register Autodesk. Please let us know if you have are any further requirements, and we can facilitate that for you.


What else do I need to know?

More information will be provided over time, and the team at Civil Survey Solutions are ready to respond to any further questions you have at this time.

Nothing is changing with the way you interact with our business. We are still your preferred partner when it comes to Autodesk software, including all licensing, technical support, training and more.

From November 13 and onwards, you will start to receive separate quotes and invoices for your Autodesk software subscriptions (directly from Autodesk), and then your Civil Survey Solutions services, such as Civil Site Design and Stringer renewals, training, and more (from us).

We understand that moving from one to two transactions increases your administration tasks, so we are making payments and transactions faster and easier. Once we are on the New Buying Experience with Autodesk, there will be a new way for you to transact with both Autodesk and Civil Survey Solutions, which will reduce your administration time and also provide instant access to products. More information on this will be provided in due course.