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Autodesk: Assigning a new licence

We are often asked what to do when receiving a new licence from Autodesk.

A new licence is initially assigned to the contract manager. In order to assign the licence to the intended user, it will first need to be unassigned from the Contract Manager and then it can be assigned to the intended user.

You must be a Contract Manager or Secondary Administrator to perform these tasks.

Check out the full tutorial (with screenshots) on how exactly to assign a new licence to a user (PDF).

Or, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Autodesk account
  2. On the left, select User Management > By User
  3. Under the user’s product access list, select the Unassign button for the relevant product
  4. Now you can assign users if they have already been added. If you need to add users first, select the Invite Users button
  5. Add users one at a time. If you need to add multiple users at once, you can use the Import button to import a spreadsheet
  6. Once all users are added, select Send Invite
  7. Now that the invitation has been sent, the user’s Status will show as Pending until they accept the invitation. If the user misplaces their invitation, you can select Resend invite
  8. You can now assign a licence to your user. Do this by navigating to your intended user. You will see a list of available licences. Select the Assign button for the required licence.
  9. Once the licence has been assigned, users will receive an email invitation notifying them of access.
  10. The user will need to select the Sign in to get started button within their email. If a user does not yet have an Autodesk account, they will be asked to create one first.

Note: To maintain access, users will need to ensure they connect to the internet at least once every 30 days.

And that’s it! Need some help? View our full tutorial (with screenshots) here. Or please contact us any time.